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Jean-Paul's lifetime of studying dressage combines knowledge from some of the most prestigious dressage academies in the world with his own observations garnered from tireless hours in the saddle. His approach involves understanding how the horse responds to weight. Combining a preparation that energizes the weak hind leg and properly positions the horse's body along with precise positioning of the rider's weight, he can bring the horse and rider to a place where the end result seems effortless.

His generosity and enthusiasm are unparalleled. If you are ready to learn and can focus 100% during the time he has with you, you'll have a ride unlike anything you have experienced in the past. One knows an artist is at work when within the space of an hour he can bring the horse and its rider to the point of feeling the difference that a few millimeters will make in balance and freedom of gait. With the advanced rider he can see minute variations in gait mechanics, relay them to the rider, and offer a solution all within the space of a few seconds. With good humor, he cheerfully, relentlessly challenges each student to match his focus and go beyond the ordinary.

Marianna Zahurak

Hempstead, Maryland

  • Equitation Logique

Equitation Logique was founded by Jean-Paul Pare on the principle that the ultimate riding experience can only be achieved through the logical and deliberate evaluation of the physical interaction between the horse and the rider. One must understand the physical characteristics, anatomy, and mechanics of the horse, the capabilities of the rider, and ascertain how they interract. In this way one can minimize or eliminate weaknesses and capitalize on the horse's strengths. This method optimizes the collaboration between horse and rider and ultimately enhances their overall performance.

  • About Jean-Paul Pare

Jean-Paul is a highly energetic, candid, professionnal trained in all aspects of horsemanship - jumping, eventing, western, and specializing in dressage. His experience includes caring for, breeding, riding and training, long lining, lunging, studying advanced horsemanship and the discipline of dressage, and working as a consultant and trainer. He works with students from lower through advanced levels; his students have successfully competed at the FEI levels. Jean-Paul teaches throughout the mid-Atlantic United States and Canada. He is availablle for private or group lessons and clinics and is fluent in both English and French. His professionnal training includes:

  • Peter Szalla, Federal Trainer Haidehof, Federal Republic of Germany
    • Instructor Training
    • Riding Advanced Dressage
    • Dressage competitions throughout Germany
  • Société Hippique Urbaine de Saumur, France
    • Instructor and Riding Training
  • M. Cochenet, Three Day Event National Trainer, France
    • Advanced Riding Training
  • École Nationale d'Équitation du Cadre Noir, Saumur, France
    • Dressage and Instructor Training
  • Master Nuno Oliveira, Portugal
    • Advanced Riding Training
  • Reitinstitut Egon Von Neindorff, Federal Republic of Germany
    • Riding Training
  • Potomac Horse Center, Potomac, Maryland
    • Training in Riding, Dressage, and Cross-country
    • Horse Master Certificate